Interview with ‘Castle’ Star Seamus Dever

Seamus DeverThere’s no better dressed, more affable police sidekick on TV than Castle’s Det. Kevin Ryan. Ricard Castle and Kate Beckett might monopolize our attention most of the series with their ongoing will they, won’t they relationship but 10 p.m. tonight by saying he will (for life), Ryan, played by Seamus Dever, will marry his onscreen fiancé Jenny in “‘Till Death Do Us Part” on ABC. We recently spoke with Dever about tonight’s big episode. Surprisingly, Jenny is played by Dever’s real-life wife Juliana, so he obviously had a lot to say about getting married for the second time, this time on a national network. He also threw us his opinion on whether Castle and Beckett should just finally get it on and give us all the hook up we’ve been waiting for during the past three invigorating seasons. His answer might surprise you. 

What’s it like getting married again to your real wife, but this time on national TV?

I think the best part is the budget for our wedding was immediately exponentially higher than our real wedding and ABC fit the bill, so it’s cool … My wife, who now plays my wife on the show, Juliana, she looked great in her gown and did really well. And I liked my tux …We also got some new wedding photographs out of it … I’ve been married for five-and-a-half years, so it’s nice to get some updated photos. 

CastleNow, there’s a wedding website/teaser for the episode at Our Wedding. How did that come about?

Yeah, that’s all my wife’s ideas. Juliana. She is a brilliant marketer, so she was coming up with an idea, something we could do to publicize the episode … Of course, there’s all those things (fabricated) that we had to put in, like how we met. Those had to get approved by my executive producer … It’s all our pictures and everything. ABC just contacted us the other day and was like “Who did this site?” because it’s really very fictitious, I hope the people are cool with it … but it’s great because you realize how Castle is this nice, little international phenomenon, and you go on the guest book and there’s people from all over the world wishing Kevin and Jenny well.

Tell us about “’Till Death Do Us Part.” I’m sure some craziness is bound to happen?

The wedding basically takes place at the end. Most of the episode is dealing with the build up to the wedding … Everyone is running around, trying to figure out who they are going to bring to the wedding … Also, Esposito is running around trying to secure a date for the wedding. Him and Lanie are on the outs so Lanie is bringing a plus 1 and he’s really curious about who it is. He really wants to bring a hot date to the wedding. Castle and Beckett are trying to figure out who their plus 1 is and that’s a fun aspect. Jenny and Kevin have decided to go on a cleanse, this master cleanse with lemon juice and we get to see Ryan sort of torture himself not eating for days up to the wedding … It causes him to become a little edgier … The bigger part is they find that Jenny is involved in the case, and Castle and Beckett are deciding to hold back some info from Ryan to protect him because it might alter his decision to go down the aisle. 

What can we expect coming up the rest of this season? Any more of Jerry Tyson, a.k.a. the 3XK-triple killer?

Interesting! I don’t know how often we are going to deal with the 3X case (Jerry Tyson) but there are some things that still remain unsolved. There’s the matter of Ryan’s badge is still out there, so it’s like one of those things that is curious. I don’t know how many times this season they want to deal with Jerry Tyson coming back to haunt Castle and all that but it should be interesting to see if we deal with that before the end of the season … I think it would be neat because it’s nice that we have some mythology in the show that our writers have cleverly built up. There’s Beckett’s mother’s murder, which I’m sure is going to come up again before the end of the season and there’s the 3XK situation, so it should be nice to go back into that and see how it comes back to haunt us.

Are you rooting for a Castle/Beckett hook up or do you think it’s better how it stands now, keeping people guessing?

I don’t know how long you can keep people guessing before they go, “I don’t care anymore.” … I’ve always been one of the people that says let them get together. Let them deal with what it’s like to see each other everyday, wake up everyday in the morning, go to work and spend all day together … I think one of the things that people forget is even if they get together, are they ever the type of couple that is going to be happy together, they are two strong personalities, they are so strong that it is never going to be completely happily ever after, so I think there is a lot of material and a lot of places we can go with that … So yeah, let them hook up.


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