Introducing Your 2012 Summer TV Boyfriends

Every summer, we have that fleeting moment in which we realize it’s hotter than the Donut Devil’s oven and we therefore have license to run around in the neon underwear we like to call swimsuits. And immediately after that happens, we begin gorging on photos of famous ladies in bikinis for reasons ranging from “Not enough self-loathing” to “(drool),” but this summer tradition is a little one-sided. Why don’t we head straight for the boys of summer? And more specifically, the boys of summer television, who come into our homes every night courtesy of the gracious networks who air their fine series? Where is their HOT SUMMER PICS list? It’s right here. (You can thank us later.)

Alcide True BloodAlcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello) on True Blood

He seems to be getting the Team Jacob end of the stick (so far) on the b-lood-ved HBO series, but Alcide is certainly earning his keep on True Blood. Of course I’m not talking about how often he takes off his shirt or perfectly fills out a plaid shirt (which, in case you’ve yet to experience it, is every second he’s onscreen). The man is a hero. He shows up to save Sookie when her dueling vampire lovers are otherwise engaged and even comes all the way from Shreveport one afternoon because she’s got a pesky missing vampire problem. And, as we’ve seen in the Season 5 previews, he’s hell-bent on protecting Sookie from the newly freed super vamp whose life goal is to train her fairy blood to the last drop. He’s definitely TV boyfriend material.