Is ‘American Idol’ Choosing Replacements For Jennifer Lopez?

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez is very vocal about her ruminations over potentially not returning to American Idol next season, though speculation arose regarding whether or not her “on the fence” comments were a stunt to win a pay increase. For Lopez’s sake, let’s hope not, because it seems that the network isn’t biting; rumor has it executives behind the show are already considering possible replacements.

When Lopez signed on as part of the new cast of American Idol judges, common speculation was that the show would go from being Simon Cowell’s to hers and naturally so. She is relatively contemporary and generally adored, but something unexpected happened in the form of Steven Tyler.

As Cowell was the show’s anchor in seasons past, pulling audiences in (is that what anchors do? I’ve never actually been on a boat), Tyler now occupies that role. Thus, the loss of Lopez may not give American Idol the ratings hit that many may have been expected.

Nothing is confirmed, but among the names being tossed around in the replacement venue are Shakira and Shania Twain. If any of this materializes, it could mean that JLo could be tossed off the fence entirely.

Source: AOLTV