Is Homer Simpson Making a Stop at ‘Parks and Recreation?’

Dan Catellaneta Homer SimpsonAlright, so the rotund, mustard-colored cartoon character won’t be traipsing his way through Pawnee in search jelly donuts and Duff beer, but the man behind his signature “Doh!” sure will. The man behind Homer Simpson’s voice, Dan Castellaneta, will stop by Parks and Recreation for the third episode this season. He’ll play an “NPR-ish talk show host” according to Vulture.

With the recent addition of Patricia Clarkson as the much-feared Tammy 1, first ex-wife of Ron Swanson, and this guest star addition, this season is shaping up to hold a few exciting prospects. Then again, the show could have no guest stars and it would still be pretty brilliant.

Source: Vulture