Is Roseanne Barr Headed Back to Television?

Roseanne BarrRoseanne Barr is in talks with folks at NBC to make her return to television on their new sitcom, Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea. If they nab the comedienne, the show will have a really great shot at officially becoming the most obnoxious sitcom soon to be on television. Bravo.

The show’s creator, Chelsea Handler, told The Hollywood Reporter that she’s hoping to bring Barr on the protagonist’s (also named Chelsea) aunt. To refresh your memory, Are You There, Vodka? is the multicamera sitcom based on Handler’s book that finds Chelsea fresh off a DUI charge, working at a bar, and dealing with her overbearing, overly wholesome sister (played by Handler) and a ridiculous set of friends.

The aunt role is apparently a much better offer for Barr, who was originally slated to cameo as a “lesbian prison inmate who befriends Chelsea after her arrest for a DUI.” Wow, this show just keeps getting classier and classier. Apparently that role wasn’t abolished; it was merely recast with Dot Jones, who you may recognize as Coach Beiste from Glee. Speaking of which, whatever happened to Coach Beiste?

Anyway, Handler is hopeful that Barr will accept her offer, saying that the actress has expressed interest. The role would entail multiple guest appearances and hopefully something a little less stereotypical than a lady prisoner who’s also a lesbian. It also makes it less likely that I’ll stick around during Are You There, Vodka?’s time slot when this show finally hits NBC’s line-up at the midseason mark.

Source: THR