Is This ‘Walking Dead’ Zombie the Scariest One Ever? – EXCLUSIVE PICS

fallTV_back_651x113_2012.jpgALTYou can talk as much smack as you want about The Walking Dead‘s second season that moved slower than a walker going backwards on treadmill, because season three has been full of action, gore, twists, leg choppings (spoiler alert!), and tons of grosser than gross zombies. Just look at this exclusive image of a nasty creature from Sunday night’s episode, titled “Walk With Me.” God, how gross is this guy? Usually we don’t see the critters up close, but when you really focus on this guy with his stubble and spilled guts (or is that vomit) all over his shirt he looks like he would scare you so badly that you’d need to start wearing Depends when watching the show.

On the episode, Andrea and her new friend Michonne brave the walkers (probably where the guy above come in) and wind up in Woodbury, the town run by the enigmatic and threatening Governor. We don’t know much about him, but based on the episode below he has a truck. You know what that means, don’t you? Well, I don’t really know either but it says something. And it kind of looks like the vehicles from Terra Nova. You know what that means? Fox was trying to make some of their money back. Either that or the Governor is from the past. That’s even creepier than that zombie. ALT

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