Isaiah Washington Cancels Ellen DeGeneres Interview After Fight Joke

Actor Isaiah Washington has scrapped a planned interview with talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres after she poked fun at his recent spat with costar Patrick Dempsey.

Washington was scheduled to tape an interview with DeGeneres yesterday but pulled out after the TV personality joked about his on-set fight during a chat with castmate Katherine Heigl.

Heigl played down the spat on the show, admitting she wasn’t privy to comments that were made to spark the brawl, but told the talk-show host, “It was something silly and manly.”

And when lesbian DeGeneres revealed she was relishing interviewing Heigl‘s costar, who reportedly sparked the Dempsey fight by making a gay slur, the actress jokingly warned her to “step back.”

DeGeneres responded by saying, “He better not call me a name… I’ll be swinging.”

Publicists for the chat show insist the interview with Heigl isn’t responsible for Washington‘s decision to cancel–he was simply forced to change his plans due to a production schedule switch.

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