It Looks Like Olitz Might Totally Be Getting Married In This New ‘Scandal’ Clip

Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Scandal, ABC, 102915

The saga of Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant III’s tumultuous affair has been a five year long saga on ABC‘s Scandal.  However, it seems like Olitz might finally be some resolution. From the beginning, the affair (though obviously forbidden) was sexy, heart-wrenching and ridiculously delicious. These two were like magnets, inexplicably drawn to one another despite Fitz’s marriage, the country’s perils, and a plethora of other things that no real life relationship would be able to withstand. Admittedly, we’ve flip-flopped quite a bit on Olitz. From the moment in the White House garden where we shed actual tears, to the ridiculous “Hi” phone calls where we’ve rolled our eyes, it has certainly be an roller coaster with these two. However, it looks like Olitz might actually have a chance at being a legit couple.

Check out the clip below, when Cyrus and Fitz tell Olivia that she is about to become the next First Lady of the United States. (However, if Mellie has anything to do with it, Liv will be keeping her name. We think that’s a good thing because, Olivia Pope-Grant doesn’t really pack much of a punch).