It’s ‘Arrested Development’: A Gallery of Set Photos from the New Season

George Michael BluthIt’s hard to believe that the new season of Arrested Development is actually, truly, certainly, definitely-not-just-a-rumor-anymore-ly on its way. But the proof is in the pictures. Ever since production began, a handful of set photos have leaked onto the Internet, some by the good graces of star Jason Bateman’s Twitter account.

Although we can only speculate on what new stories the Bluths will find during the upcoming episodes, the images give us some idea: George Michael in college. Lindsay and Tobias in India. Michael in… a bad mood (as usual). Still, the possibilities are endless.

Check out this gallery of set photos from Arrested Development production. The new season will hit Netflix in the summer of 2013. So close, people. So close.

It’s Arrested Development: A Gallery of Set Photos from the New Season

[Photo Credit: Twitter]


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