It’s Official: ‘Glee’ Promo Proves Quinn Lives — VIDEO

Quinn Dianna Agron Glee Promo Season 3For the first time ever, a Glee episode left us with a huge cliffhanger. The February 21 winter finale left viewers with an image of Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron) in full-on collision with another vehicle while texting Rachel about her late arrival to Rachel’s courthouse wedding. And thanks to the latest Glee promo, we can breathe a sigh of relief.

No, we can’t be certain Finn and Rachel’s wedding didn’t go down — though we can assume once they get the news of the accident, any celebratory activities will go out the window — but it does appear that one tragedy will be avoided. In the preview below, guest star Matthew Bomer teaches the Glee club the art of posing and in one shot of the group, we spy Quinn alive and happily watching Blaine’s older brother’s lesson. (Go to the 23 second mark to get to the goods.) 
It would have been a sizable risk to let a fan-favorite like Quinn go so violently on such a light-hearted series, but it’s surely going to be nothing short of a miracle when she manages to make it out of that brutal accident alive. 
Did you know in your heart that Quinn was going to make it? Are you happy to see her out and about?
The next episode of Glee airs Tuesday, April 10 on Fox. 


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