J.J. Abrams and ‘One Tree Hill’ Creator Team For New CW Drama

J.J. AbramsHere’s what I think happened. Seven or eight years ago, J.J. Abrams stumbled upon an ancient black magic artifact, like the kind you read about in O. Henry or W.W. Jacobs stories (man, there are a lot of people with abbreviated first names in that sentence). Anyway, I believe that he wished upon the artifact that he would never stop making great, popular television shows. And of course, his wish was granted. But, as you know, wishes in stories are taken quite literally. So now, Abrams can literally never, even for a second, stop making television shows. The “great” distinction is just a matter of opinion, so we can write that off. Long story short: Abrams has yet another TV project in the works—a CW series, potentially called Maine, with One Tree Hill‘s Mark Schwahn as a co-creator.

The series will be set at an inn—presumably, one in Maine, also known as Stephen King territory—and one would assume, considering Abrams is involved, that this would lead to a whole bunch of supernatural happenings. However, as of now, the series is being described as a “character-based drama,” which is also not at all out of the scope of either of the two men on board; Abrams is responsible for bringing Felicity to the CW’s predecessor, The WB, after all. The new series will focus on the lives and relationships of the inn’s employees and customers.

So, just in case a surveillance-themed crime drama, a bizarre thriller surrounding an island penitentiary, a “mystery adventure” and a Star Trek sequel weren’t enough Abrams for you…here’s a New England hotel. And doubtlessly, more to come.

Source: Deadline