J.J. Abrams Casts Female Lead For ‘Alcatraz’

Sarah JonesGeneral announcement of excitement (i.e. woo, yay, ballababoom, etc)! Sarah Jones has been cast as the lead in J.J. Abram’s mysterious island/prison show Alcatraz. She joins Jorge Garcia as the only actors announced, but like Garcia, this is a welcome bit of casting news.

You see, I don’t care that this is basically another mystery show set on an island by J.J. Abrams that happens to star Jorge Garcia. I think this show will be awesome in the ways that Undercovers wasn’t. Garcia is still one of my favorite parts from Lost and that man needs to be on television more. And Sarah Jones? Besides having one of the most boring and unoriginal names known to man (unless her middle name is something interesting like Iron Man) she is an incredible actress. She had a supporting part is the amazingly awesome and terribly cancelled-too-soon Lone Star and Abrams knows how to pick actresses. Say what you will about his shows, but having un-terrible and un-pretty actresses it something they do not have in common (I think I have all the negatives cancelling each other out).

Nothing much else to say about the show, no new details about the plot have emerged. I just wanted to introduce you to the lovely Sarah Jones. You’re welcome.

Source: Deadline