J.J. Abrams Gears Up To Bring Thrills To CBS

J.J. AbramsIs life not confusing enough now that Lost is over? Is your brain just a little too free to wander? Never fear, J.J. Abrams and Jonah Nolan (brother to Inception writer and director Christopher Nolan) just signed a deal with CBS for that drama they’ve been shopping around and it’s sure to put a kink in the old noodle.

Of course, we told you earlier this week that Abrams will also dig up some mystery on Fox with Alcatraz, but the CBS show will be a bit different (and give Abrams’ fans two ways to get their fix). No longer just an untitled project shrouded in secrecy, the new hour-long crime thriller now has a name: Person of Interest. With multiple networks clamoring after the show before CBS snatched it up, it would seem that Abrams is on to something again.

There’s also so much potential with Nolan penning the script – twisted crime is kind of his jam. Maybe you remember a little movie called The Dark Knight? He co-wrote that. Oh, and then there’s Memento - that backwards film that put brother Nolan on the map. Jonah wrote the original story for that, too. So yeah, he’s kind of got the crime thriller thing down. The one thing quelling my excitement is that Nolan is new to the T.V. circuit, and it may take him a while to get his bearings. But he’s worked his magic for the silver screen; just have some patience should he need to work out some growing pains with its younger sibling.

As for Abrams, he’s never had a series with CBS, and at this point he still doesn’t. The network has only committed to a pilot, but should the show catch on, CBS can finally join the cluster of other networks that have enjoyed success at the hands of Abrams.

Source: New York Magazine

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