J.J. Abrams’ ‘Undercovers’ Is Cancelled

Jonah HexLooks like NBC has canceled its second freshman show of the year when it yanked Undercovers earlier today. The show hadn’t earned high enough ratings despite the pedigree of its creator, J.J. Abrams. Undercovers followed a team of spies that happened to also be married as they re-entered the spy world and took on missions. It was a fun, sexy, smooth, and fairly smart show. The leads were attractive and acted very well, but it just couldn’t find an audience. Not that NBC didn’t try! The promos for the show have been everywhere. Next Wednesday’s show will be its last, though there are still five episodes produced but un-aired. No word on what will be done with them.

Perhaps what I’m most upset about with this news isn’t the show being off the air, but rather that Ben Schwartz is off the air. Playing Bill, the comic relief of the show, Schwartz was easily my favorite part. As someone who rose through the ranks in the New York improv world, Schwartz is a delightfully funny man. Its a shame to see him cut off, but I have a feeling he’ll be around again in some shape or form.

Source: The Wrap