James Franco Gets Punked By ‘One Life to Live’

Credit: Branch/McMullan/Sipa Press

What’s the only thing worse than one thing that needs attention? Two things that need attention! Well, it’s a good thing that rapper Riff-Raff and the soap opera One Life to Live can get together, though. ONTL got canceled by ABC and is about to come back to Hulu in 30-minute episodes at the end of the month. Yes, they need people to know about that. Riff-Raff claims that James Franco stole his identity for his character Alien in Spring Breakers. Yes, he needs people to know about that. Together, they’re a publicity machine.

According to EW.com, ONTL hired Riff-Raff (not to be confused with Dr. Frank N Furter’s butler) to play an art dealer named Jamie Franco, a jab at the art dealer character played by James Franco on General Hospital. See, isn’t that clever! Now everyone is paying attention because they’re playing a little prank. As for James Franco, well, he just starred in a blockbuster Oz movie and General Hospital, well, that’s still on the air. Who gets the last laugh? 

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