James Franco Talks ‘127 Hours’ Amputation: Late Last Night

Surely you’ve heard the story of Aron Ralson, the mountain climber whose arm got trapped under a boulder and in order to survive, he had to amputate it himself. I’m also sure you’ve considered if you would be able to do that – if you would be able to realize you needed to cut your own arm off, and actually follow through with it. Before James Franco agreed to take the part in 127 Hours, he probably wondered if he would be able to adequately play a man who would surely die if he did not cut off his own arm. Franco stopped by Jay Leno to try and articulate the force of Aron’s willpower and describe how much of a transformation it was on him, but all Leno wanted to know is how many arms Danny Boyle went through to get the shot.

And after learning Bristol Palin did not vote in the midterm elections, Meghan McCain told Leno how she must only care about votes for Dancing with the Stars.

Zach Galifianakis told Jimmy Fallon about his life in L.A., and what it was like to smoke weed on Bill Maher’s show.

They also played that game, “Real People, Fake Arms” after Galifianakis shaved his head?

Tina Fey did another Sarah Palin imitation for David Letterman. She should start commanding a mall Santa Claus at Christmas-sized salary for each impression.

Jon Stewart reiterated how the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, while the Democrats remained control of the Senate. He also talked about how nicely women handled themselves very nicely, considered one of them spent more money than anyone in history and she lost. He also played a clip of John Boehner crying BECAUSE HE WON, which means since Jon Hamm’s sobs were autotuned, his should be too.

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And Stephen Colbert parted ways with a bunch of congressmen and women he did not care for.

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