James Gandolfini Heading Back To HBO

James GandolfiniThey couldn’t keep him away! I guess after waking up from blacking out, James Gandolfini realized it’s not that fun anywhere else on television. I mean, seriously, after you’ve spent years whacking guys and saying “shit” and shooting people, who wants to act against a laugh track? I guess that’s why he’s returning to HBO with Eating with the Enemy, a cautionary tale about BBQ and North Korea. No, really.

So, Gandolfini will play the owner of a NY BBQ joint that developes a relationship with the North Korea emirate. Yep. He becomes pals with North Korea and starts trading secrets to the US. When the jig is up, he just goes back to making BBQ. You know, a normal week. Monday, we’re trading nuclear secrets with one of the most terrifying regimes in the world and by Thursday we’re back to making combos for hungry tourists. Typical.

Source: Hollywood Reporter