Jane Fonda Brings Back the ‘Monster-in-Law’ for ABC Pilot 

Jane Fonda ABC PilotYou’re putting together a pilot. You’re eyeing Jane Fonda for the lead. So what do you do with the actress in her seventies? Think about it. It’s her first starring role on television… Make her a mean mom, of course!

Fonda is set to star in an ABC pilot titled Now What?, according to Variety, and she’s back to her Monster-in-Law ways. (But she was so good at being terrifying! Okay, okay. Fine.) Pushing Daisies writer Abby Gewanter will helm the single-camera comedy, which will find Fonda’s character as the subject of a hate blog… written by her own daughter. It’s appropriately called “Dear Mom, Here’s Why I Hate You…” And being that she’s so fantastic at playing the over-bearing mother figure, Fonda’s character will insist that she and her angry, blogging daughter move in together until they work things out. It sounds like Laverne & Shirley… if Laverne was Shirley’s traumatizing mother, and Shirley hated her and was forced to live with her. 
The role of Fonda’s daughter has yet to be cast, but if they know what’s good for them, they’ll find someone who can actually spar with Fonda. The last thing we need is another feeble young lady getting the beat-down from a sassy old broad. 
[Photo Credit: Lia Toby/WENN]

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