Jane Lynch Does Not Have Any Pot: Late Last Night

Guys, sorry to bum you out, but when I told you I knew a guy who knows a girl who knows a guy that totally works for Glee and has a connection with Jane Lynch (who my friend’s friend said had the best sticky icky in town), it turns out she isn’t holding. At least, that’s what she told Jay Leno.

The set up: Charles Barkley is off spouting to David Letterman about how college athletes need to stick around and get their degree. Then Letterman asks when he got his degree. The Payoff:

Tyra Banks is the perfect late night talk show guest because she loves nothing more than talking about herself on camera. AND WHAT THE HELL, TYRA BANKS IS GOING TO HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL? THERE GOES 375 YEARS OF STREET CRED.

As a special treat, here is Craig Ferguson talking with Lewis Black, one of the funniest stand-up comedians honestly, of all time. This whole interview is just amazing. It’ll bring you joy. DO IT FOR THE KIDS.