Jane Lynch Gets Animated For ‘The Simpsons’

Jane LynchEveryone’s always talking about what big-name celeb will be the next Glee guest star, but what about Glee stars guesting on other shows? The woman of the hour – seriously, she pops up every five seconds, probably because she ROCKS – Jane Lynch is slated to slip over to Glee’s network mate and Fox standby, The Simpsons, for a guest spot to air next season.

Of course, Lynch isn’t the first gleek to grace the cartooney classic with her vocal presence; Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Amber Riley have already tested their voice-over skills. While she won’t be the first from the singing show, she’ll certainly be the most involved. The singing gleeks just popped in for a quick b-plot stint in this season’s premiere, but Lynch will take on a bigger role when it’s her turn.

She’ll play Roz, a combo of her critically praised spell as the always sunny and sweet Constance on the now defunct series Party Down and the conniving, delightfully self-serving cheer coach Sue Sylvester. Roz is Homer’s seemingly sweet new assistant, but he later finds she’s undermining his every move. Classic Sue. Hopefully her guest spot lives up to these promises; you don’t invite someone like Jane Lynch as a guest star and then use her sparingly.

Source: EW

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