Jane Lynch Wasn’t Invited to the White House: Late Last Night

Jane Lynch stopped by Conan last night and talked about what it’s like for her to meet famous people nowadays. Plus, President Obama called her a 40-year-old virgin. Man, what a jerk! She’s a 50-year-old virgin.

Kathy Bates reminisced with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show about her first Oscar win. Plus, she shared a story about getting topless with Jack Nicholson, who apparently is the most boring celebrity ever to get topless with because in the hot tub, while topless, the two discussed Winston Churchill and the art of painting. Now that’s a sex tape guaranteed to go viral.

Ryan Seacrest talked with Jimmy Kimmel about the changes in American Idol this season. Also? American Idol. American Idol. American Idol. GOD WHY DOES AMERICA LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH. Oh, and we learned that Seacrest drinks a big glass of green vomit all day. So, you know, that’s good.