January Jones Really Really Wants an Emmy

January JonesSay what you will about Mad Men actress and Fat Betty portrayer January Jones‘ acting abilities (and I will say what I want to about them in just a second) but she’s working very very hard to make sure she gets recognized for an Emmy at this year’s ceremony.

News came out today that Jones is going to submit herself in the Best Supporting Actress category for the first time (where her coworker and far superior thesbian Elizabeth Moss has had some luck for her portrayal of Peggy Olsen) hoping that it will clinch her a nod in August when they announce who is in the running for the statues. Jones, who is on her fifth season playing Betty, was nominated for the first time two years ago in the Best Actress category for drama, but was ignored last year. Julianna Margulies took home that prize for The Good Wife.

Apparently Jan thinks that if Juliana can win for barely moving her face on Sunday night television, that she should be able to win too! Now there are those who say that Jan is a great actress and she plays Betty as an ice cold bitch because she is a master at her craft. I, on the other hand, believe that the rigid mask of her face is the only expression she can deliver, and that Betty Frances has any emotion whatsoever is a lucky trick that the writers make happen based on writing a stellar character. Remember January’s awful turn on Saturday Night Live? Remember her in anything else? Exactly! You can’t! There has to be a reason her character has seen less and less screen time since season one. Either way, we’re going to let the Television Academny of Arts and Sciences make that distinction for us in a few months, aren’t we.

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