Jeff Bridges, Robert DeNiro, & Paul Rudd Will Host ‘SNL’

Jeff BridgesOkay, we can all gripe about the times when SNL missteps and that happens quite a bit (case and point: this weekend’s Scarlett Johansson episode); but we can also accept that it’s a sketch show that’s always been on the cheesy side and has constantly distributed duds since its birth in the 70s . Plus, the real reason we all continue to watch the show is not for the amazing writing or the on-point sketches; the big draw has always been the opportunity to see our favorite stars make complete fools of themselves and sometimes reveal their hidden comedic genius (see: Justin Timberlake and Jon Hamm). In that spirit, let’s all ramp up the excitement for the latest additions to the SNL hosting roster: Paul Rudd, Robert De Niro, and Jeff Bridges. There’s no way you’re not at least a little stoked about this.

Now, your life will probably not be changed after watching these guys play dress-up on NBC’s long-running show, but you have to admit it’s got to at least be entertaining. Paul Rudd will be hosting once again, and his last stunt was pretty damn good. Plus, his episode will feature a double dose of Paul – his musical guest will be none other than Paul McCartney. (I may actually watch the musical performances for that one instead of seeing what’s happening on Adult Swim until the skits come back.)

Jeff Bridges will also be making his sophomore appearance to promote TRON: Legacy. Maybe they’ll do a mash-up of TRON and The Big Lebowski? You know the Dude running around with a white Russian and a bath robe in a video game world would be pretty awesome. But maybe that’s just like, my opinion, man.

Then of course, we’ve got Bobby De Niro. He’s already got two other hosting gigs under his belt, so he’s got it down at this point. I’m not exactly stoked about the film he’s promoting with the SNL appearance (Little Fockers…blah), but come on, it’s De Niro on a sketch show. It’s gonna be good, and even if it isn’t I’ll probably still say it is because I’m not going to lie, De Niro is someone you don’t want to mess with.

Source: EW