Jeff Daniels May Star in Aaron Sorkin’s Upcoming HBO Pilot

Jeff Daniels HBO PilotAmidst all the hubbub surrounding Keith Olbermann’s exile from MSNBC, we also reported that Aaron Sorkin had worked with the booted newsman as well as Chris Matthews in order to do research for his upcoming HBO pilot, More As The Story Develops. Now, the show is really starting to take shape as the pay channel lines up potential cast members. Jeff Daniels is in talks to star in the behind-the-scenes show that is said to follow in the footsteps of Sorkin’s other TV-loving shows, Sports Night and Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip. (And if they’re trying to stave off the suggestion that it’s based on Olbermann, they probably shouldn’t have picked someone so reminiscent of the guy.)

Daniels is up for the lead role, Will McCallister, a role which was originally written for a 40-something actor (Daniels is 56) but let’s remember folks, there’s this little old thing called movie magic and it works on TV too. There are plenty of actors that play roles outside of their age brackets. It will be fine. Besides, Daniels has never been cast on a serialized TV show, so this will be a first and an interesting one at that. Perhaps this show will fare better on HBO than Sorkin’s previous shows did in the network television realm — the aforementioned Studio 60 and Sports Night were well-written but not very heavy on the ratings — and the addition of Daniels certainly couldn’t hurt.

Source: THR