Jeffrey Tambor Gets ‘Bent’

Jeffrey TamborScore one for Arrested Development alums! Jeffrey Tambor has joined the cast of NBC’s pilot Bent. Tambor will play an aging actor who itches to get back in the game. Meanwhile he plays piano in a department store lobby and chases women. The only downside to this is that Tambor won’t be the focus of the show. Instead we’ll get Amanda Peet (yes, please) as a “recently divorced Type-A single mother, who tries hard not to fall for sexy surfer-dude contractor Pete (David Walton), who she’s hired to re-do her kitchen.”

While this does sound like a younger and sexier version of It’s Complicated, I have to wonder how this can ever expect to go to series. There has to be more to the story than that. Will she get with the contractor? What happens after he finishes remodeling the kitchen? On to the bathroom? Who brings their dad to a contracting gig? I’m sure they’ve thought through all these questions, but knowing NBC, who knows? At least Tambor will be back on TV. As will Peet. And hell, Walton is pretty funny too. It’s not a bad cast, hopefully the show will be worthy of them.

Source: Deadline