Last Known Footage of Jenni Rivera Featured in ‘I Love Jenni’ — VIDEO

Credit: Mun2

When a beloved person passes away, we keep his or her memories alive with pictures and videos taken from the past. Well, nearly four months after Mexican American singer and actress Jenni Rivera tragically died in a plane crash, her memory is about to be revived in the final season of her mun2 reality show, I Love Jenni.

A promo for the final season opens up with the following introduction: “We dedicate this to the memory of Jenni Rivera… Mother, sister, hija, grandmother, amiga, artista, icon. Your legacy of love lives on…”

Season 3 will include the last known pieces of footage depicting the performer before her death. In a clip for the first episode, we get a taste of what Rivera’s everyday life was like. From the entourage of men looking to take her out to the family and friends that were constantly around her, it’s clear that she was truly loved and will be missed.

Watch the extended preview clip for the final season below. I Love Jenni premieres April 14 on mun2.

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