Jennifer Aniston and Co.’s ‘Five’ Close To Getting a Sequel 

ALTNever underestimate the power of Jennifer Aniston. While Lifetime’s five-part, generation-spanning breast cancer miniseries Five, on which she served as a co-executive and co-director on (alongside Demi Moore, Alicia Keys, Penelope Spheeris, and Patty Jenkins), earned lukewarm reviews from critics and wasn’t quite the ratings hit it was expected to be when it aired last October (according to The Hollywood Reporter it averaged an average 1.3 million viewers), the Emmy-nominated saga could still get another shot at the small screen. 

Lifetime has confirmed to that a sequel for the 2011 project, which attracted the likes of talents such as Rosario Dawson, Patricia ClarksonGinnifer Goodwin, and Jeanne Tripplehorn as stars, is in its final stages of development for the network. 
According to Deadline, the follow-up, which is tentatively titled Five 2 (no, not this) will follow the same overlapping stories structure, but this time will feature short films dealing with mental illness. They also report that Aniston will be back on for the new miniseries, which is nearing a green light, as will her former Friends boss Marta Kauffman, among others. (No word yet on whether original contributors like Moore and Keys will also return this time around). 
While A-list ensembles don’t always guarantee a huge success, better this than say another Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve. Even better for the Five‘s sequels changes: the miniseries is officially back

[Photo credit: Lifetime]