Jennifer Aniston Isn’t Too Happy About Vanessa Bayer’s ‘SNL’ Rachel Impression

So maybe Jennifer Aniston isn’t exactly as mad as Trump was after watching his Saturday Night Live impression, but she’s not totally thrilled about Vanessa Bayer’s Rachel.

On Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, the actress made a cameo to shut down Vanessa Bayer’s impression of her famed Friends character, Rachel Green. We’ve got to say, Bayers really nails it. She’s wearing a wig cut in the iconic “Rachel” hairstyle that the ’90s could not escape and donning a turtleneck and casual pair of overalls. It’s so Rachel, only the real Rachel doesn’t think so.

Friends was like, five million and five years ago, so I think we’ve just gotta move on,” Aniston said.

“Well, I dunno.” Bayer said. “I just, I thought ’cause I do this great bit as Rachel, so.”

Is it a great bit, though, I mean…” Aniston replied.

The pair continue to out-Rachel each other, and it has us thinking that Vanessa may have Rachel Green down just as good as Aniston, herself. Watch the bit in the clip above.

Does Vanessa nail it or what? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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