Jennifer Aniston’s Naked Comfort Levels Are Raised: Late Last Night

You might think that Jennifer Aniston would have a hard time working on Wanderlust, considering the large amount of naked people surrounding her on set at every given moment. But apparently, it’s something you get used to. Really quickly. Like, in ten minutes. Jen confesses that she had absolutely no problem getting accustomed to the clothes-less environment on set. 

Unsurprisingly, the sweet-natured Jessica Alba’s idea of teen rebellion: pretty tame. Alba told a story last night about when she finally decided to stick it to the man, by “borrowing” her dad’s car to get soy tacos from the Jack in the Box drive-thru. Granted, she wasn’t the legal driving age yet, but there’s something about soy tacos that just makes the idea of stealing a car a lot less criminal.


Ah, embarrassing stories about child-rearing: a subject that will always fill air-time on late night talk shows. Paul Rudd delivers a tale this time about his young daughter’s pretty inappropriate exclamation on an airplane. One that he couldn’t stop her from repeating over and over again (much to the discomfort of the other passengers), because he was laughing too much.