Jennifer Grey Wins ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Before a winner was crowned on Dancing with the Stars last night, Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough, Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer, and Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas all performed “instant cha cha chas” for the judges. But even before they did that, we watched taped segments in which Len Goodman made cases for why each one deserves the mirrorball.

The first to dance their cha chas was Kyle and Lacey, which was definitely not outstanding, or even very entertaining. Second in line were Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough, and even THAT wasn’t exciting. And finally, Bristol Palin was up, which was only watchable because she grinded up on Mark Ballas much more than usual and did every move four times, which means if you DVRed it, you can go back and learn the routine in time for New Year’s. Kyle and Lacey got a score of 28 points, Jennifer and Derek also got 28 points, and Bristol and Mark got 27 points.

SO WHO WON? Surprisingly and yet not surprisingly, Jennifer Grey was crowned the champion of this season, after earning 118 points. Kyle Massey placed 2nd with 110 points, and Bristol got third place with 104 points. Feel free to skip the gym on this new holiday.

After reports surfaced that Tea Partiers might be taking advantage of the very lax voting system (which explains why Bristol achieved the next to impossible and made it to the finals while doing little to no movement AND beat out the talented Brandy last week), and keeping in mind that a lot of people believe the winner should be the dancer who’s improved the most over the season and NOT the dancer who’s been a steady fantastic the whole way, I was thinking that Bristol was going to be crowned the winner. After all, if she’d made it that far, what would be the point of beating out all those talented (and arguably more deserving of the mirrorball) dancers if she wasn’t going to be crowned the champion? I suspect producers might have intervened at the last second and (not very judiciously) decided to just give Jennifer (the unequivocal best dancer, who was in first place on the leader board for seven out of the competition’s ten weeks) the trophy to protect the show’s integrity…because if Bristol had won, you can bet you’d be reading a lot less about the new Travolta baby and a lot more about political corruption seeping into the reality show universe.