Jennifer Lopez Admits that She Tells Marc Anthony to Shut Up: Late Last Night

Last night, Jennifer Lopez appeared on The Late Show to explain her much talked about situation with Marc Anthony, and what it’s like working on Q’Viva with her former husband. Lopez also reveals the truth about a recurring problem with Anthony, and hints at who might be at fault.

Maya Rudolph swung by Conan and gave a play-by-play on her frightening meeting with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, which she described as a lot like a bear attack. She compensated for her fear by letting them “put her in their mouths.”

Madonna showed up on The Tonight Show where she recalled her first stage performance, which was described as both the greatest moment in television history, and the thing that killed her career. We’re not too sure about either of those claims…

Finally, back on The Tonight Show, Chris Colfer discussed the moment he embarrassed himself in front of Helena Bonham Carter, and how his job in a dry cleaners gave him a lot of experience playing therapist to his rich customers.