Jennifer Lopez Back for Another ‘Idol’ Season? (Updated)

Jennifer LopezUPDATE: J. Lo is set to sign her renewal deal later this week, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

PREVIOUSLY: And she’s back (almost). After that cataclysm of uncertainty regarding Jennifer Lopez‘s future with American Idol, it seems as though the judge will retake her seat for the upcoming season as she is nearing a new deal as we speak. This begs the question: was she really ever going to leave? If so, what happened to change her mind? And what will this mean for her reviving music career? These are the questions of our generation.

Reportedly, American Idol execs were already sorting through a list of replacements for Lopez. If Lopez’s consideration to split from the show was just a ruse for more money, as many speculated, perhaps their announcement was a combative ploy to rope her back in. Although, now, maybe this whole potential new deal is also a trick by both parties to win more viewers… and, perchance, this very article is a scheme to fool Lopez, Idol execs and the American public into reading this site more often. You really can’t trust anyone.

So, for those of us really excited over the prospect of Shania Twain on the Idol panel, let us grieve. But long live Lopez! And as long as Steven Tyler isn’t going anywhere, the show goes on.

Source: AOLTV