Jennifer Lopez Confirms Official ‘American Idol’ Exit to Ryan Seacrest

Jennifer Lopez Officially Exits American IdolJust one day after her fellow judge Steven Tyler made his meme-tastic exit announcement, American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez made a call to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to tearfully confirm to her co-star of two years that she would in fact be leaving the singing competition.

Seacrest, who fielded a bevy of phone calls after Lopez hinted on the Today show that her time on Idol might be up, asked Lopez about her fate on the Fox series — “Are we coworkers? … Are you breaking up with me?” — and she confirmed that her Idol career would, in fact, max out at two years. 
This news comes the day before her huge summer concert tour kicks off and months after speculation first began that Lopez would vacate the judges table due to her hefty slate including a full-fledged international concert tour which conflicted with Idol’s audition schedule and much needed time with her young children. 
Much like Tyler, who noted that his time at Idol was taking him away from his first love Aerosmith, Lopez says she is hoping to spend more time with the things and people she loves. 
“I really have been torn … When I signed on to Idol I signed on to do one year and wound up doing two years because I just fell so in love with the show, everybody there, you guys … I always said I’ve never felt so much a part of a family of something, working on it and I did with Idol … it was just such a lovely surprise in my life,” she says. 
Lopez expressed that making the decision to stay or not to stay for another year was tough with all her various projects, “It worked together well for a while, but it just gets more complicated … something had to give, something has to give,” she adds. 
With both Tyler and Lopez out, the question now remains: What will Randy Jackson choose to do? And who will Fox bring in to replace the exiting judges?
Lopez’ rep has not immediately returned’s request for comment.
[Image: David Edwards, DailyCeleb]