Jennifer Lopez May Not Return to ‘American Idol’

jennifer lopezJennifer Lopez was brought in to give American Idol a boost in its tenth season—and she did just that. But now that the show has done the same for her, she might be done with it.

Despite speaking favorably of her experience working with the contestants, Lopez seems to be seeking bigger and better things, including taking advantage of a resurgence of stardom thanks to her hit single, “On the Floor.”

But how much will Lopez really be missed? She doesn’t have the bite of Idol’s trademark retiree Simon Cowell, the likable sincerity of Randy Jackson, the he-might-flip-at-any-second excitement factor of Steven Tyler, or whatever it is that makes everyone—everyone—love Ellen DeGeneres. Lopez spent her run on the show lobbing niceties at the singers, offering nothing of substance to the them or the viewers.

So where could Lopez’s career go from here? Back to the block? Up off the floor? Fresh out the oven? All right, that’s enough.

Source: AOL TV