Jennifer Lopez To Produce ABC Dramedy

jennifer lopezIn addition to mistaking her Coke cup for Steven Tyler’s on American Idol, Jennifer Lopez has another television responsibility coming her way. Entertainment Weekly is reporting she’s producing an hour-long dramedy about Latina nannies for ABC, that will “center on three branches of an extended Los Angeles family — as told through the eyes of their three Latina nannies.” It doesn’t have a title yet, but Friends and Big Love writer, Alexa Jung, and producer Simon Fields are assisting Lopez in her growing monopoly over everything.

If this sounds like a show you’re already watching, it’s because ABC already has a Milky Way galaxy of other shows just like it — Modern Family, No Ordinary Family, Brothers & Sisters, The Middle…they’re all about families and what happens when sisters act like brothers and it gets weird. But Lopez seems to have noticed all these shows ask us to give our attention to the families themselves, rather than the Latina nannies who make everything run smoothly and relatively squabble-free, including the ones who are willing to go buy a little boy a new dog after the first one’s bladder explodes because they didn’t care enough to take him for a walk.

I’m better at spotting an underfed puppy than I am at spotting a show that’s going to fail, but I will ask what does Lopez have against having free time? Truly — when she wasn’t shooting a movie or producing a TV show, she married Marc Anthony and had twins! This show sounds like it could be funny, but it would only be good if it was really funny…like the writers should be so disillusioned from writing so much they should forget their own birthdays and think every Lady Gaga song sounds different. (I really do love the Gags.) But we don’t have to come up with a decision if this will sink or float just yet — we’ve got her idol influence to busy ourselves with first…and that battleship already has a red peg in it.

Source: EW