Jenny McCarthy’s Talk Show: The Perfect Substitute for Clubbing — EXCLUSIVE

Jenny McCarthy

It’s Friday night. You are sitting on a sleek leather couch, sipping on a stiff drink. The DJ is blasting music. Go-go dancers are up on their platforms twisting their bodies back-and-forth quickly to the music. And the crowd around you is getting loose on the dance floor. Are you in a Vegas club throwing it back at Kim Kardashian’s birthday party? Or maybe you are on South Beach heating it up with a Bradley Cooper lookalike? Sorry to burst your bubble, but you are not. You are actually at home sitting on your own secondhand, upholstered sofa, and watching TV. But not just any old TV show. You are tuned into The Jenny McCarthy Show, Jenny McCarthy’s new talk show. And this show is taking you to a place you want to be. “It’s a lot like a back VIP room of a club,” McCarthy tells, describing the set of her new program. “I want to have that feel of the club’s just closed, but the owner pushed you back into a back VIP room.”

Complete with DJ, bartender, and go-go dancers, you don’t even have to leave your living room to go out on Friday nights (though the show only lasts 30 minutes). And alcohol will also be available for audience members and celebrity guests to drink. “We have a pre-party before the show starts so the audience gets to drink,” she says. The alcohol will take its effect. “It turns into, like, MTV Grind at the end.”

Besides the setting, it’s McCarthy’s interview strategy that promises to make this show entertaining. “Me and two celebrity guests stay out there the entire 30 minutes,” she says. “I get into a little bit of pop culture, but we don’t have set jokes for them. It’s more of a discussion. It does get funny at times, but it’s not anything that is pre-scripted.”

Celebrities can share their thoughts on the day’s hot topics. “Like, we would talk about Beyoncé and how she totally rocked the [Super Bowl],” McCarthy explains. “We’re trying to figure out how to get celebrities to break their shells and come out.”

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McCarthy developed this plan by testing it on Bradley Cooper. “I took a flip cam and I interviewed him,” she says. “Both of us, laying down on our backs and I hold up the flip cam and just kind of do a real casual interview. And the stuff that celebrities say, they are always amazed afterwards, going, ‘I can’t believe I just said that.'”

And McCarthy has no fears about material — she already has a slew of opinions on pop culture topics to get the conversations rolling. For instance, McCarthy is a huge fan of Beyoncé and denounces all of her haters. “She’s awesome,” McCarthy says. “She deserves to be a diva. She works really hard at it … I love what she did at the Super Bowl. She completely deserved to completely wipe out all the lights. She just shined. [And] she just makes me think of female power. So when I see her standing there with her hands on her hips shaking it, going, ‘I can be hot and I can also be strong,’ it’s an awesome combination to have.”

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But then there are people like Chris Brown, who McCarthy just can’t get behind. Frank Ocean may have forgiven Brown (who is known for beating up is girlfriend Rihanna) for allegedly punching him last week, but McCarthy knows that Brown will get what he deserves. “I’m a big believer in karma,” she says. “You just have to sit back and watch it happen. The universe does not let you get away with stuff like that.”

And Lindsay Lohan could even be up for discussion; the girl always seems to be involved in one controversy or another. “Lindsay keeps asserting herself, and that’s the sad part,” McCarthy says. “When you see someone needing help and not being able to get it, it’s more sad than aggravating.”

McCarthy may even touch upon the more serious topics, like Justin Timberlake coming out with new music after all these years — and she is going to be honest about her thoughts. “I like it, [but] I don’t love it,” she says. “I miss his ‘Sexy Back’ sound. I’d like him to bring his sexy back.”

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It’s McCarthy’s raw strategy that she feels will make her show a success. “If I’m not my authentic self, people will smell bulls*** a mile away,” she says. “And I want to always carry that brand with me, being true to who I am and being true the audience.”

“I’m so excited,” McCarthy says. “I’m hoping people respond well to it because it’s something [I’ve] been waiting for, for so long.”

The Jenny McCarthy Show premieres Friday on VH1.

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