Jerry O’Connell is a Total Munster


Completely ordinary, unattractive human (Look ma, jokes!) Jerry O’Connell is officially a Munster! The former Crossing Jordan star has found a new home for himself on Mockingbird Lane as head of the family, Herman Munster. Bunking up with other newly cast family members Eddie Izzard (Grandpa Munster) and Mason Cook (Eddie Munster).

The show is a loosely — and we mean loosely — based take on the ’60s cult classic. The old show was a 30-minute sitcom in black and white, whereas the new adaptation is a 60-minute drama that is “visually spectacular,” according to TV Line. Because shows like Once Upon A Time are doing well, the onslaught of this new genre was inevitable.

However, given that things could possibly not get any more different for the show from its original, let’s take a look at some plot suggestions to really take this thing off the remake track, shall we? Also, Bryan Fuller, feel free to hit me up if you like what you see.

1.) Somebody, anybody, PLEASE get Helena Bonham Carter all up in this show to play Lily Munster: This isn’t really a plot suggestion so much as a mandate on behalf of people who enjoy the thought of Bonham Carter and Izzard interacting on a regular basis. Eccentric overload, in the best way!

2.) Herman Munster should not have a job as a lawyer or cop: It seems like the obvious route, but don’t do it. Have Herman Munster be something eccentric but also believable. Since it’s a drama, putting Frankenstein’s monster in with the NYPD or what-have-you just feels hokey.

3.) Give Eddie Izzard as much screen time as possible: Izzard is a masterful force on a drama (The Riches was gone before its time), and to have him play a cantankerous grandfather sort seems like primo real estate for Izzard’s talents beyond the comedic lens to shine.


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