‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Is On Strike

ALTWe’ve got a pretty big problem here. It’s tan, speaks with an accent, created the acronym “GTL,” and is immune to any and all Ghostbuster tactics.

TMZ reported yesterday several members of the cast of Jersey Shore refused to start filming the “at home” segments for the third season of the show because they were dissatisfied with their contracts. More specifically, JWoww, Ronnie, Sammi, Pauly D. and Vinny declined to participate until new contracts were drafted and they’d be awarded more money per episode. Snooki and Sitch are supposed to shoot their scenes today, and Snooki is rumored to revolt as well. As for the Situation, he’s reportedly immensely displeased with the 10k he makes per episode. But depending on season 2’s ratings, he’s been offered a one-time bonus of something between $60,000 and $180,000.

So, as I told Houston this morning, we’ve got a problem. The greatest travesty in the history of television will occur if the cast puts their over-tanned feet down and genuinely refuses to film the show. I doubt they will, but the fact they’ve done this a few times before means that perhaps the most recent batch of complaints will be enough for the producers to can the show entirely. It’ll be horrible if that happens. It’ll be like the circus bear that refuses to wear his headdress one too many times, and then the ringmaster picks up the show and drives away, leaving the talented bear that walks on two legs and juggles apples among the regular bears who slobber all over themselves. Mr. Bear has all this talent and all this impeccable grooming, but nobody to show it to. So the conclusion is, the only thing worse than a bear without a circus is a Situation without a camera. And if he keeps complaining about his earnings, that’s exactly what he and the rest of the cast will be.

Source: TMZ