‘Jersey Shore’ Finale Moments: The Gang Faces Hurricane Irene

jersey shoreS5E11: Well folks, the Jersey Shore Season 5 finale is upon us and it’s definitely bittersweet. On one hand, there’s only so much excessive partying a person can stand to watch, but on the other, it’s hard not to enjoy it. Plus, who knows, this could be Snooki’s final time on the Shore now that she’s pregnant. That leaves fans with some pretty high expectations as to how this finale’s all going to play out. But knowing these guys, they always go out with a bang (both physically and figuratively).

Operation Inside-Out Becomes a Situation

The gang returns from camping to find the house completely inside-out, courtesy of Vinny and Pauly D’s prank. Everyone takes the joke really well except (un)surprisingly Mike. For someone who likes to dish it out, he sure can’t take it — a fact that did not go unnoticed by the rest of the house. Snooki even motions to change Mike’s nickname from The Situation to The Bitchuation. All those in favor say “I!”

Vinny Does the Impossible…Well, Almost

What’s better than hooking up with a chic? Hooking up with two chics! And what’s better than that? Hooking up with two lesbian chics! This is exactly what’s going through Vinny’s mind when he meets two lesbians at a bar. So he decides to bring them home for a late night smushing session and the crazy thing is, they actually agree. Vinny not only attempts the impossible, but he succeeds and we just couldn’t be prouder. And by “we,” of course I mean Pauly D.

Deena Gets a Lesson in Hurricane Protocol

It’s the housemates’ last weekend together, which just happens to coincide with the time New York and New Jersey’s Hurricane Irene hit. The thunder and lightning immediately makes Deena panic and threaten to drive away from the storm. You know, because driving in the midst of a hurricane is a really safe thing to do. But in-between all the girly screams and terrified stares, the gang decides to go out for one last bout of drinking that very same night. So there you have it: not even mother nature can prevent these guys from getting their drink on.

The Situation Remains Unchanged

Since Mike can never get enough of sticking his nose in other people’s business, he decides to start a rumor about Deena’s sister, claiming his brother said she has a “special talent” in the bedroom. And though it’s unclear what exactly that talent is, the fact that it gets bleeped out proves it’s not exactly lady-like. Obviously, Deena isn’t pleased Mike’s talking about her sister that way, but really, at this point, she shouldn’t be surprised. It is Mike, after all. If he wasn’t starting drama then what would he be doing?

Snooki Says Goodbye to the STDs

Sadly, it’s time for the gang to depart from each other until next summer, however, Snooki doesn’t leave before giving a proper goodbye to the things that matter, including the duck phone and countless number of STDs that undoubtedly live in the mattresses. It’s moments like this where you don’t know whether to be sad or completely repulsed.