‘Jersey Shore’ OMG Moments: The Mike and Snooki Hookup Comes To A Head

jersey shoreS5E10: We all love Jersey Shore for its perpetual incompetence and lack of cognitive thinking, but does anyone else think the end of this season just got a whole lot more intriguing now that we know it’s the last one where Snooki is still just Snooki? Now that her engagement and pregnancy have officially been confirmed, we need to savor these care-free moments more than ever before she becomes someone’s wife and mother.

And while the future of the show remains a bit cloudy, Season 5 must go on to wreak the havoc that it was intended to. As always, it doesn’t disappoint.

The Situation Aftermath (or lack thereof) 

After Mike gave Jionni an earful of truth about his hookup with Snooki, Jionni reacted in the best way he knew how: by not reacting at all. He simply thanked Mike for the intel and went back to bed to inform Snooki of Mike’s latest lie. Naturally, Mike was upset that his little heart-to-heart didn’t destroy their relationship, but to be fair, he did tell Jionni that the hookup was “really quick” so there really wasn’t much to be jealous about. Way to go, Mike!

Gossip: It’s Not Just For Girls

When the rest of the guys heard about the way Jionni reacted to Mike’s news, they gathered around and decided he took it so well because he’s cheated on Snooki too. And since two wrongs do make a right on the Shore, the guys surmised that they must be perfect for each another. Seriously, where would we be without knowledgeable insight like this?

Got Milk?

What started out as an innocent food fight between friends turns into a survival of the fittest deathmatch between Mike and Snooki. And given Snooki’s inner rage toward Mike and his “truths,” nothing was off limits. Ketchup, mustard, pickles — you name it, they threw it. At one point, Snooki even busted out a full gallon of milk to throw and then proceeded to roll around in Mike’s bed, covered in refrigerated condiments and beverages. Let’s hope nobody in the house suffers from lactose intolerance.

Guidos Go Camping

As we’ve seen in previews, a few of the guidos and guidettes embark into the wilderness in an attempt to experience the great outdoors. As you can expect, things got a little dangerous, especially when Mike nominated himself as the official fire-starter of the group. Apparently, Mike is somewhat of a pyromaniac…or, as Deena called it: “a hermaphrodite.” Umm…

Vinny and Pauly Deliver an A+ Prank

Since Vinny and Pauly decided to pass on the camping trip, they used this opportunity at the house to pull a massive prank on their fellow Shore-mates. They flipped the house inside out, and brought all the furniture out onto the deck and set up AstroTurf in the living room. To be honest, it was a rather genius idea, although it’s doubtful they considered the possible side effects if it were to rain. But we’ll have to wait until next week to see how the rest of the gang reacts to their little bait and switch. However, it’s 100 percent possible that Mike will not be happy.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? What do you really believe happened between Mike and Snooki? Who do you think is telling the truth? Are you sad next week is the finale? Sound off below or get at me on Twitter @KellyBean0415.