‘Jersey Shore’ Recap: The Situation and Ronnie Fight

S4:E4 We left off last week with everyone dealing with the aftermath of The Situation creating quite the situation with Snooki, claiming that they hooked up a few months back. Surprisingly though this plays a very small role in this episode because now these housemates have bigger problems to deal with. The guys pull a prank on Deena which doesn’t go over very well, Sammi and Ronnie are back to their old ways already (shocking), and JWoww has suddenly taken on the role of a therapist for the group – how did this happen? But in a shocking twist, Ronnie and Mike get into a huge fight that quickly escalates to physical violence and could very well impact the future relationships of the entire house. So much for the simpler days of twinning and pulling a robbery. So who will be left standing? There’s never a dull moment on the Jersey Shore.

“Sometimes the truth hurts, but I’m going to bring the truth to the people.” – Mike

While the guys go off and discuss the Snooki/Mike situation along with Deena’s lesbianic actions, the girls take off for their own little pow-wow as well (over wine, of course). Snooki is still disgusted with Mike’s accusations about them hooking up and is not going to let his lies come between her and Jionni. The girls agree, but she’s going to have to call Jionni and explain the ordeal before he hears it from someone else. Then everyone returns to the house where the guys begin cooking dinner and giving Deena a hard time about pulling a robbery on Vinny, which puts Deena into an even surlier mood than she already was. Awesome.

“I don’t speak Italian fluently, but there is an international language of love.” – Vinny

Snooki calls Jionni and informs him of the rumor Mike is spreading around about the two of them. After a brief pause, he asks her straight out if she hooked up with Mike and she sas no and tells him she just wants him to tell her that he loves her and that everything is fine. So he does, which made Snooki very happy and even prompts her to make the suggestion that they have babies. He replies “are you out of your mind?” Well…yeah.

For dinner. the girls dressed like 40 year olds from Yonkers with big hats for no real reason at all. Everyone ate in an awkward silence, but funny enough things became even more awkward once they actually started talking. The guys ask Deena if “the prettier twin” went downtown on her, but she denies it. The best part though was when The Situation commented on how Deena is known for her history of c**k-blocking and that it’s going to be on her permanent record for at least 7 years. Why 7 years, I’m not sure, but it’s tough to argue with logic like this.

Since the guys think Deena crossed a line by pulling a robbery on Vinny, they decide to play a little prank on her and move her bed into the living room (kudos to Pauly for making the bed after the move). Of course, this upsets Deena who starts freaking out, so acting as the on-call therapist, Jenni steps up and brings everyone together for a group therapy session to work everything out. Pauly accuses Deena of being too emotional and says that she used to be able to take their jokes and pranks, but now she’s changed. In the end everyone ended up hugging it out and going to bed, so all is right in smoosh-ville. Round 1 goes to Dr. Jenni.

“Marco wasting all the wine was definitely alcohol abuse because I could’ve drank that.” – Snooki

While working at the pizza place, Deena and Snooki decide to get their buzz on and have a customer sneak booze to them in the back room by the bathroom. Classy. The boss ends up finding the wine, but they deny it’s theirs and sadly watch as he pours the rest of the wine down the drain. Pauly is busy passing out flyers for pizza to hot girls as a way to make plans for the night, so he’s as happy as a clam. Meanwhile, Jenni overhears Ronnie talking with this girl Hannah on the phone and he talks about flying her out for a visit. So Dr. JWoww is back on the case and asks Ronnie about it because she’s worried Ronnie and Sammi are already on their way to yet another break-up. Ronnie doesn’t appreciate her butting in to his business.

Later on, Jenni and Snooki bond over a meal and talk about how much Snooki misses smooshing and can’t wait for Jionni to get there. Snooks also confesses how she didn’t know you could mold someone’s penis, but thinks it’s a great idea because then if she did that, then part of Jionni would always be with her. How sweet? Jenni tells her about Ronnie’s phone calls to Hannah, and asks if she should just stay out of it. Snooki smartly tells her to let it be.

“Me and Sam talking while we’re drunk is like throwing kerosene onto a fire.” – Ronnie

The gang checks out a new club that night, but things start to get a little rocky when Sammi gets jealous of some girls trying to dance with Ronnie. They start their usual routine of fighting, which ends with Ronnie storming out. Sammi follows Ronnie back to the house, wanting to talk about what happened, but he tells her to get out of his room and leave him alone. Of course she doesn’t.

Mike and Pauly D meet two girls and bring them back to the house, but after Pauly’s girl decides to bail, so does her friend, leaving both guys smoosh-less. So Mike resorts to his go-to booty call, Brittany, and waits for her to come over. Meanwhile, Sammi tells Ronnie that Mike told her that Ronnie said he has “girls on the way.” I’m not positive, but I think that means that he was bragging about bringing girls home with him. Ronnie gets all sorts of pissed that Mike went and said that to Sammi and plans on kicking Mike’s ass for his big mouth. There was a lot of yelling and accusing, but it was a little hard to follow since there was a lot of echoing and bleeping going on, but Mike denied ever saying that to Sammi. So in a fit of rage, Ronnie does the only logical thing, and drags The Situation’s mattress out into the living room. This sends Mike off the hook and he starts flipping out (seriously, saliva was everywhere) and yelling at Ronnie to go ahead and hit him, so Ronnie lunges and…the episode ends. So we’ll have to find out what happens next time, but according to the teaser for next week, Mike is getting carried out in a stretcher. Looks like there’s a ton of trouble still ahead for our favorite housemates.