‘Jersey Shore’ Renewed for Season 6

jersey shoreGet ready for another summer of pure mayhem because Jersey Shore is officially scheduled to return for a sixth season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, MTV announced the return of the reality series on March 19, stating that production will begin in Seaside Heights, N.J. this summer.

But the big question on everyone’s mind is: will the whole cast be returning? Since news broke about Snooki’s engagement and pregnancy, Shore fans have worried if their favorite guidette would remain a part of the show. And as luck would have it, she will be! The cable network stated in the announcement that all of the cast members would be returning, which means the meatballs will live to see another season.

Clearly, the network is banking on viewers tuning in to see how this pregnancy affects not only Snooki, but the entire house as a whole. Just think of all the late night cravings and hormonal swings she’ll inevitably go through; it’s sure to get on the guys’ nerves.

And there’s always the concern of how Snooks will handle her new maternal role. If she’s no longer the excessive drinker of the house (and let’s hope that’s the case), then what exactly will her role be? The concept definitely holds an intriguing hook that the show’s never had before.

Either way, it will certainly be a busy summer for the crew, especially because Snooki and JWoww are working on a spinoff. And let’s not forget DJ Pauly D’s new series, The Pauly D Project, which premieres March 29. With all these upcoming changes (in both their professional and personal lives), you have to wonder: will the gang’s dynamic remain the same? We’ll just have to wait and see.