Jesse Eisenberg Gets ‘Newsroom’ Role, But What About The Winklevii?

Jesse EisenbergAaron Sorkin, you sneaky genius. This was your plan all along, wasn’t it? Crank out a huge, Oscar-winning sensation like The Social Network, so you can brand an up-and-coming star like Jesse Eisenberg the “Sorkin Star,” and then use him in your true passion: television — specifically, the upcoming HBO series The Newsroom. Hats off, Sorkin. Hats off.

Sorkin’s own Mark Zuckerberg will be playing a part in the premiere episode of The Newsroom, which airs June 24. Eisenberg will only be lending his (extremely recognizable) voice to the show, however. He’ll be providing voice over work in character as what EW refers to as a “newsmaker.” Does this mean we could see other Social Network stars taking roles on the new series? And if so, who could they play…?

Armie Hammer: A young, ambitious political hopeful — with a sordid personal life, of course — who finds himself in a heated on-camera duel with newsman Will McAvoy (star Jeff Daniels)?

Justin Timberlake: A popular political satirist a la Seth Meyers whose humorous spin on the news and unabashed good looks make him a challenging ratings rival for McAvoy and his staff?

Rooney Mara: An expert hacker and mole at McAvoy’s news show, hired by a disgraced journalist to find incriminating information on the anchor and take him down from the inside out?

Andrew Garfield: McAvoy’s estranged illegitimate son, who shows up on his twenty-fifth birthday to reconnect with the father he never had?

The other Armie Hammer: The first Armie Hammer’s identical twin and the family’s black sheep, who gets in touch with McAvoy to help him destroy his brother’s political career?

Rashida Jones: A didactic network agent who has it out for McAvoy and will stop at nothing to see his show thrown from the lineup?

How would you cast the Social Network stars on Sorkin’s new drama?


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