Jim Lehrer Interruptus: What If the Moderator Was Able to Finish His Sentences?

ALTLast night’s Presidential Debate gave us quite a bit of pop culture fodder for memes, gifs, and all-around Internet gold. Even with Obama’s inability to stay awake, Romney firing Big Bird, and Obama’s so-called “smirk,” there’s no contest when it comes to choosing the winner — or, actually, the loser of the night.

Sorry, Jim Lehrer. The longtime host of The News Hour on PBS acted as moderator of the debate, and the poor guy just got steamrolled throughout the entire affair. Obama and Romney fought to say what they had prepared to say, even if that meant not answering Lehrer’s questions, going over time limits, and, most importantly, just flat-out interrupting and cutting off Lehrer entirely.

With 12 presidential debates under his belt, Lehrer clearly was the best man for the job. But, as we witnessed Wednesday night, acting as the mediator between two huge forces battling it out for the public’s loyalty is no easy job.

But what if Lehrer was able to finish the sentences that were so unceremoniously cut off? Well, if he hadn’t been interrupted so many times, the debate may have gone in a much different direction. In our (deranged) minds, here’s what Lehrer was really trying to say:

LEHRER: Let’s just stay on taxes for –

…only one more minute, then I want to hear your opinions on the ending of Lost.

LEHRER: All right, Go

On is one of my favorite new comedies. What character would you play if you were on the show?

LEHRER: Just for the — just for the record –

…I never said Rihanna should get back together with Chris Brown. You guys twisted my words.

LEHRER: Excuse me. Just so everybody understands –


LEHRER: Mr. President, I’m sorry –

…I’m really happy for you, but Taylor Swift’s music video is one of the most confusing of all time. Why are the walls made of sweaters?

LEHRER: Let’s have –

…a look Hillary Clinton having a look at Christina Aguilera’s cleavage.

LEHRER: Yeah, we’re going to — yeah. I want to get to it, but all I want to do is very quickly –

…go through all the celebrities that are going to be in Movie 43. There’s a ton of them.

LEHRER: No, no, no, no –

…Facebook, your ad does not make sense.

LEHRER: Can we — can the two of you agree that the voters have a choice, a clear choice between the two of you –

…of ordering pizza or burritos?

LEHRER: Two minutes –

…until I just give up leave. You guys are seriously mean. Just big bullies.

LEHRER: All right, gentlemen, look –

…you’ve really hurt my feelings. All I wanted to do was have a nice friendly debate, and you threatened my pal Big Bird. Not cool.

LEHRER: Excuse me, one sec — excuse, me sir. We’ve got — we’ve got — barely have three minutes left. I’m not going to grade the two of you and say you’ve — your answers have been too long or I’ve done a poor job –

…but your answers have been too long and I’ve done a poor job.

You’ll get ‘em next time, Jim.

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