Jimmy Fallon Channels Justin Bieber to Sing “(It’s Not My) Baby”: Late Last Night

Last night, Jimmy Fallon reminded us of his glory days as a talented SNL performer with a great musical/celebrity impression sketch. As you’ve probably heard, Justin Bieber was recently slapped with a paternity lawsuit by a twenty year-old woman, claiming that Bieber is the father of her three month-old son. Jimmy channeled his inner Bieber (and spoke on the Bieb’s behalf) by performing “(It’s Not My) Baby” in character as the pop star.

Taylor Lautner visited The Tonight Show to discuss his thrill-seeking near-death experiences, and his black-light minigolfing adventure.

When Ellen DeGeneres paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the result was a battle of epic proportions: a Nice Off. Ellen and Jimmy lunged into a competition to determine who is the nicer talk show host. There were no survivors.


Finally, back on The Tonight Show, Martha Stewart talked about being a savior for trick-or-treating children in a Halloweenless town, and she made a pass at both Taylor Lautner and Jay.