Jimmy Fallon Embraces Linsanity with Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy (Lin)”

FallinsanityMay the world continue to bless Jimmy Fallon with noteworthy athletic superstars, as he keeps making magic with them. Fallon’s latest target: Jeremy Lin. Back in the era B.L. (Before Lin), Fallon concocted a parody of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” dedicated to making fun of Broncos’ quarterback Tim Tebow. It worked wonders. But an even more perfect recipe for musical comedy involves the Pearl Jam song “Jeremy” and the Knicks’ point guard Jeremy Lin, who has unleashed a wave of Linsanity over not just his fellow New Yorkers, but Americans nationwide.

Again in costume, Fallin delinvers a spot on linpression of Eddie Vedder’s rock song, with some hilarious amended linrics. One can’t help but wonder how Pearl Jam will feel about this lincarnation of their particularly somber ballad, but it’s hard not to let this linphony get you laughing linsterically.
Too much? Too much.