Jimmy Fallon In Drag: Late Last Night

Jimmy Fallon’s sketches are increasingly becoming the best part of his show. He has a razor sharp wit on current shows. While his Housewives of Late Night is not as good as his Lost parody (or his Glee for that matter) it’s still pretty damn funny.

DJ Pauly D was on Leno last night. So that happened.

Moving right along, Owen Wilson was on Jimmy Kimmel talking about being on the super bowl. One of my favorite things about Wilson is he’s really smart. No really, an idiot doesn’t just drop a Walter Mitty reference like it was no big deal.

Conan had on some great guests last night like Stephen Merchant, the co-creator of The Office and Extras. He’s also in Hall Pass, which I guess is his reason for being on Conan last night. Go him.

Conan also had on the very funny Kumail Nanjiani and BOOSH spelled his name correctly without even looking at it. Go me.