Jimmy Fallon Presents: A History of Anderson Cooper’s Giggle Fits — VIDEO

Anderson CooperAll credit to Anderson Cooper for being able to maintain his status as one of the most respected names in contemporary newscasting in light of situations like his recurring laughing fits. On Tuesday night, Cooper appeared on Late Night to speak with Jimmy Fallon — another man quite familiar with uncontrollable on-air laughter — about how his penchant for cracking up got him into big trouble recently.

The first Cooper fit, provoked by actor Gerard Depardieu’s mile high mishap, didn’t seem to spark much controversy. But the more recent episode, sparked by a report of the Polish-American Dyngus Day Festival (wherein young girls embrace the tradition of striking boys with pussywillow flowers) earned a negative reaction from the Polish-American community.

But class act that he is, Cooper invited a Dyngus Day representative onto his program to receive Cooper’s apology, winning the community over and earning the privilege of entering the forthcoming Dyngus Day Fest as “Pussywillow Prince.” A precious honor indeed.

[Photo Credit: David Edwards/Daily Celeb]


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