Late Night Last Night: Jimmy Fallon Puts (Drew Barrymore’s) Make-Up On

Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore on Late Night

The very AARP-centric Tonight Show crowd — who have gotten comfortable with decades’ worth of toned down, straight-forward interviews — might have an “interesting” time digesting Jimmy Fallon‘s repertoire if/when he does take Jay Leno’s gig in 2015.

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Case in point, last night — when Drew Barrymore showed up with her new make-up line (titled “Flower” of course) and Fallon gleefully challenged her to a game of “rouge roulette.” The rules, if you dare to partake, are simple: grab one of the many tiny boxes on the table. If it’s empty, you’re safe. If not, your fellow player will get to make you look like a ridiculous clown by drawing whatever the hell they want on your poor hapless face. Fallon was, as usual, like a kid in a candy store with this one. Check it out below, and just try to imagine Leno doing the same thing:

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[Photo Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC]

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