Jimmy Kimmel Beats Leno and Letterman in Late Night Ratings

Jimmy Kimmel and Jennifer Aniston

The late night television warfare has long been a one-sided battle. Despite critical favor siding consistently with The Late Show host David Letterman, rival Jay Leno has maintained a steady grip on the 11:35 time slot’s viewership, with The Tonight Show dominating in the ratings game for years. But a new addition to the battlefield could very well mix up the fight entirely — Jimmy Kimmel, whose ABC talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! was bumped up from its longtime midnight broadcast starting on Monday, reportedly reigned supreme with Tuesday night’s ratings.

Kimmel’s Tuesday night broadcast, which featured guests Jennifer Aniston and No Doubt, earned 3.097 million viewers, beating both Letterman’s and Leno’s intakes for the evening. It’s far too soon to tell if Kimmel will stake a consistent claim for late night championship, but the fresh and often ribald young comedian will certainly give both Letterman (who Kimmel lauds as a hero) and Leno (of whom Kimmel has not as kind things to say) a run for their money.

[Photo Credit: ABC]


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